A celebration of South East Asian flavours

Up Laotian foothills and down the fertile Chao Phraya and Mekong deltas, across the Indonesian archipelago, and sweeping through East and West Malaysia, our menu is a mouth-watering exploration of South East Asian cuisine — best enjoyed with sharing plates and in generous portions.

Traditional preparations, modern techniques

Every dish on our menu has a unique provenance and story.

They are a culmination of recipes passed down through generations which we honour by preparing our spices and sauces from scratch.

These beloved recipes are further enhanced with refined techniques and premium produce where appropriate.

Hand-picked ingredients and superb produce

We believe in using the best quality ingredients and produce to make food that is a joy to eat.

As such we source only the finest and freshest from local and regional growers and suppliers.

These include fragrant Hom Mali rice from Thailand, handmade Belacan (shrimp paste) from Bintulu and juicy free range Chicken from Bentong, to name just a few.